The ECOLANDS COLLECTIVE is a group of active and emerging environmental organisations committed to private land conservation, better land stewardship and empowering individuals and communities to leave a living legacy for future generations.

For nature. For purpose.

BIODIVERSITY LEGACY LTD offers landholders, communities and investors a framework through which they can purchase or donate properties to the Legacy, where they can be restored, protected and stewarded by the community for future generations.

GIPPSLAND FOREST DIALOGUE brings together and supports groups of forest stakeholders who are concerned about the future of our beloved Gippsland forests. Dialogues allow space for difficult conversations and collaborative solutions to sustainable forest management.

PROM COAST ECOLINK seeks to accelerate biodiversity protection efforts in the South Gippsland region and beyond by connecting people, place and purpose.


LAND COVENANTORS VICTORIA supports landholders to protect and enhance habitat on private land. LCV connects members, shares knowledge and advocates for policies to grow private land conservation covenants across Victoria.

CONSERVATION PARTNERS builds capacity and implements practical solutions to land management problems on properties with significant conservation values.

Consisting of a team of highly experienced ecologists and biodiversity conservation specialists who have been involved in land management, environmental research and education for decades, Wildlife Unlimited joined the EcoLands Collective in December 2023.

Through BioDiversity Legacy, a growing number of BIOLINK COORDINATORS are building collaborative relationships with landholders across Australia to secure and link small and large landholdings to each other as well as state and federal reserves.